Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Probably a Favourite

Probably a Favourite

This game was absolutely easy. I wasn't challenged at all.

In this game I had to read the list on the left hand side, then put the right numbers into the boxes by clicking the up button or the down button.

There was no challenging part so maybe Mrs Ramkolowan should think about finding a game that's more difficult.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Annoying Gorilla

To: Staff of Glen Innes School
From: Anonymous

Dear staff
I need to warn you.  There is an annoying gorilla making fart noises, and screaming in people’s ears when someone or something is near him. You might think that might not be normal, but this is even more weirder he has been ageing 20 years in one day. It might keep going. I don’t know if its contagious. So Watch OUT.  

Yours sincerely

Friday, 6 September 2013

Picking pocket money

Week 1$4$10$1$4$5$2$5
Week 2$5$7$10$10$1$7$2
Week 3$7$10$1$1$7$4$4
Week 4$1$7$1$10$1$5$4
Week 5$10/$2$1$1$10
Sometimes you might get a higher amount than $5 or you could get less than $5, or you could get exactly $5



In this story Valentine, the problem is that Robbie thinks Karen doesn’t like him.

On valentine day, Robbie goes to the dairy, just before the bus arrives. He looks for a simple but fantastic gift for Karen. Something that could fit under his sweatshirt so it couldn’t be noticed by anyone. There were a lot of flowers, just screeching with colour. He picked a single rose. Then just in time to hop onto the bus.

He was planning to give it to her at interval. But at maths time, Karen was hanging out with expensive Brett Harvey. Sitting alone, and waiting for her to talk to him. At interval she was again with Brett Harvey. He gave up.

The solution was that Robbie didn’t want to want to see Karen so decided to walk home.Walking home he saw Karen sitting next to the bus stop. She gave Robbie a envelope. Inside was a green wax paper. It said “To Robbie, Happy valentine.



Ahh! screams and shouts could be heard from inside the dare crusher the most scariest ride of all. It was scarier because it was halloween. The volunteers and staff members were dressed brilliantly they really did look like horrid monsters.

As we were traveling through the mountain of doom it stopped. Everyone thought it was part of ride but soon all became FEARFUL. I could feel the hairs on my back stand up but, then suddenly fall louse. Jordan was getting restless and everyone was getting hungry.

TJ searched for a emergency exit, but had no more energy in him. Jordan wheres your phone said Jayden good idea. Oh left it in the bag. now  what?

crackle, crackle, crackle,crackle it sounded like the ride was going to start again everyone jump on I screamed. As we had our tummys turning we managed to get out. Alive.

Milk in Schools

Walt: Share my thoughts on “Milk in Schools”

Milk in Schools

I think that some children are wealthy enough to get their own milk. And some people don’t have that much money to buy milk to be drank.

I think that parents with money should be able to supply their children with milk. But maybe the government needs to give those those that can’t afford milk, so they can get through the day, without being tired.

It would help all children to get through the day perfectly fine. It will also make their bones stronger so children don’t collapse in class.

For some people in Glen Innes it is because of poverty. Some peoples houses are being moved, which makes them have to look for new homes.

Cross Country Run

Cross Country

It's great to get out surely you see,
To run like the wind so fast and so free.
To blaze a long trail wherever you go,
It just doesn't matter if you're fast or you're slow.

A cross country run or a jog in the street,
A couple of miles on fast moving feet
Your arms are a pumping your bloods in a rush
But it's so much better than taking a bus.

Out with some friends and having some fun
It really is great when you're out for a run.
No matter the weather, sun, snow or rain
You'll only get better if you continue to train.
So run with your body your heart and your mind
It's pleasure and fun I'm sure you will find.
Sometimes it's hard. "That's enough!" you will say,
At the end of a session, a really tough day.

The next time will be better just wait and see
And again you'll be running alive and so free.
So never give up wherever you are
The finishing line is not really far.

As you cross the line,
You're feeling fine,
As you beat the record,
Your fast, and your first.